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Cardiologic Check-Up in Munich

Munich Medical Service offers its patients various types of cardiologic diagnostics in the leading clinics of Munich

We perform all necessary diagnostic examinations in the field of artherosclerotic diseases of the heart and main vessels, heart muscle diseases, valve diseases, diseases related to pulmonary circulation disorders, as well as the whole range of highly specialized examinations, including intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), intracoronary pressure and blood flow velocity measurements.

  • The latest diagnostic technologies of intravascular imaging OCT and intracoronary pressure measurement FFR allow accurate analysis of the vascular wall, narrowing and blood flow in the catheter laboratory
  • State-of-the-art Phillips Eagle Eye Platinum Pro, Evolution cardiovascular diagnostic systems are utilized


Outpatient non-invasive diagnostic examinations offered:

  • 12-lead ECG at rest
  • ECG with carotid artery pressure measurement
  • exercise stress test
  • signal-centered ECG
  • Multi Tilt Table examination
  • daily ECG monitoring
  • daily blood pressure measurement
  • pacemaker monitoring
  • defibrillator function monitoring
  • echocardiography, including color Doppler scanning
  • transesophageal ultrasound heart diagnosis
  • Doppler and duplex ultrasound of carotid arteries and peripheral vessels
  • ultrasound examination of abdominal vessels
  • radiologic diagnostics, the latest tomographs, magnetic resonance tomography
  • laboratory tests

Inpatient examinations (1-2 days stay in the clinic) offered:

  • coronary angiography by catheterization method
  • endomyocardial biopsy
  • cardiac electrophysiologic study (EPI), including programmed stimulation
  • 3D mapping for arrhythmia diagnosis

If, after diagnostic catheterization of the vessels of the heart, neck, or limb vessels, the question arises as to the need for therapeutic procedures (balloon dilatation or stenting), this can be performed simultaneously, without the need for additional intervention

Therapy of hemodynamically significant vasoconstrictions (including coronary heart disease, carotid and lower limb arteries) includes dilation (balloon angioplasty) and implantation of a stent to maintain a constant arterial diameter; new drug-eluting stents preventing the thrombosis (Cypher, Taxus, Xience, Endeavor-Resolute) are successfully used.

In the venous channel, it is possible to install a cava filter to prevent the movement of venous thrombus from the lower extremities and the development of thromboembolism.


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