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Dermatological examination in Munich

Munich Medical Service offers a wide range of medical services in the field of diagnostics and treatment of allergic skin reactions and eczema, allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, drug, food and insect bites intolerance in leading clinics in Munich

In recent years, systemic diagnostics has become increasingly popular, with the help of which a special treatment program is developed.

  • Molecular diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors

The best possible diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors, the high professional competence of our specialists and interdisciplinary cooperation are the main priority goals of modern dermatology. In addition to dermatoscopy (incident light microscopy), the most modern non-invasive imaging methods such as optical coherence tomography and confocal laser scanning microscopy are used

  • Diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

Photographic diagnosis, phototherapy

  • Diagnostics and treatment of venereal diseases


The cost of outpatient dermatologic/allergologic examination is from EURO 200

Together with gynecology, proctology and andrology, dermatology in Germany provides diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and surgical removal of condylomas and other genital neoplasms.

Specialists recommended by us will advise you in detail on special topics such as acne, redness of the skin (Rosazea), perioral dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment is carried out by doctors and specially trained staff on the latest level and with cosmetic products of the highest quality.


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