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Treatment in Munich

лечение в мюнхене

Munich Medical offers all types of modern diagnostics and treatment in the best specialized and university hospitals in Munich The main advantages of treatment in clinics in Munich: Munich is home to more than 70 leading clinics offering the widest range of high quality medicine from diagnostics to treatment and rehabilitation. Munich is home to two of Germany's leading medical universities The renowned German Heart Center is located in Munich. Munich is home to Germany's largest Unified Center for the Treatment of Cancer TranslaTUM, Europe's largest Oncology Research Center, opened in Munich In Munich, you can have a good rest and spend your free time from visiting clinics The special advantages of treatment in Munich include consultations of leading specialists, professors - chief doctors of leading clinics in Germany, the most modern medical technologies and scientific developments, attentive attitude and qualified staff care, effective rehabilitation programs, the ability to purchase the latest certified medicines Estimated prices for diagnosis and treatment in Munich Leading specialist clinics and rehabilitation centers in Munich Treatment in Munich has a number of serious advantages even over specialized clinics in other cities in Germany and Europe. The highest qualifications of specialists, modern technologies and technical equipment of Munich clinics, the general level of medicine allow us to say with confidence that while being treated in Munich, you will be provided with highly qualified medical care using the latest techniques and technologies of modern medicine. Treatment programs offered in Munich clinics Oncology treatment in Munich Knee treatment in Munich Hip treatment in Munich Endometriosis and fibroids treatment in Munich Shoulder treatment in Munich Elbow treatment in Munich Hemorrhoid treatment in Munich Spine treatment in Munich Hernia treatment in Munich Varicose veins treatment in Munich Proposed programs for comprehensive diagnostics of the body in clinics in Munich Preventive examination CheckUp Cardiological examination Gastroenterological examination Gynecological examination Examination of the musculoskeletal system Neurological examination Pulmonary examination Urological examination Dermatological examination Pediatric examination Endocrinological examination

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