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Basis Check Up

The Basic Check-Up program includes a general detailed therapeutic examination + various radiological examinations:

  1. Clinical examination
  • Anamnesis (personal and family history, previous surgeries and illnesses)
  • Focused examination of the chest (auscultation) and abdomen (palpation).
  • Investigation of circulatory organs (blood pressure, pulse).
  1. Examination of cardiovascular system, lungs, internal organs:
  • ECG at rest, at least 9 leads
  • Stressed ECG (bicycle ergometry) - as prescribed by the doctor, if necessary
  • Two-dimensional Doppler Echocardiography
  • If necessary, daily blood pressure measurement and daily ECG - as prescribed by the doctor, if necessary
  • Spirography
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdomen to detect changes in organs and/or tumors
  • Doppler study of vessels supplying blood to the brain and periorbital arteries.
  • Ultrasound examination of thyroid gland
  1. X-ray examination
  • Radiography of the lungs in 2 projections - as prescribed by the doctor, if necessary
  1. Laboratory studies
  • Extended biochemistry of blood
  • Common urine tests

Duration of outpatient examination is about 2 hours. The cost of the examination is about EURO 1000

Various radiologic diagnostic methods can be offered in addition to the general examination and/or by prescription:

  • Virtual bronchoscopy (three-dimensional image of the lungs) - approx. €970.00
  • Virtual gastroscopy (three-dimensional image of the stomach) - approx. €890.00
  • Virtual colonoscopy (three-dimensional image of the intestines) - approx. €1,060,00
  • Virtual coronarangiography (three-dimensional image of the coronary vessels including measurement of coronary artery atherosclerosis) - approx. €1,070.00
  • MRI of the whole body - approx. €1,227.00
  • MRI of the skull including vessels of the neck and head - approx. €1,250.00
  • MRI of the breast - approx. €950.00
  • MRI of the prostate gland (magnetic resonance imaging and prostate spectroscopy) - approx. €1,200.00
  • Whole body and/or head PET (search for tumors and metastases) - approx. €1,450.00
  • Choline PET (for metastases and prostate tumor) - approx. €2,670.00
  • Breath test for H.pylori - approx. €95.00
  • Digital mammography of both breasts, with ultrasound - approx. €225,00
  • Digital mammography of both breasts, without ultrasound - approx. €185,00
  • CT scan as part of osteoporosis screening - approx. €260,00


All necessary tests and diagnostic procedures included in the “Check-Up” program are carried out in the largest diagnostic center in Europe. At your service:

  • High-class doctors and qualified service personnel;
  • The most modern diagnostic equipment;
  • Application of advanced scientific achievements;
  • Magnificently developed medical infrastructure.

During your stay in a German clinic you will be accompanied by a professional medical interpreter. The patient receives the final results of examinations, including laboratory tests, MRI-images, as well as doctors’ conclusions by mail

More details about the individual examination programs offered by Munich Medical can be found here. Of course, we will prepare an individual program for you, taking into account your requirements and wishes.

Please note that the Check-Up diagnostic programs we offer are primarily aimed at people who are pressed for time and therefore allow you to combine a short-term vacation with a clinical examination

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