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Onco Check Up

We offer our patients complete oncology check-ups, including early cancer diagnosis

The basic package of the Onco Check Up program includes:

General therapeutic examination Basis Check-Up


Cancer-specific markers blood tests and comprehensive laboratory diagnostics


If indicated, PET+CT examination of the whole body with contrast agent.

Finally, a detailed discussion with an Oncologist on the results of the examination.

Cancer-specific markers are specific substances detected in the blood of patients using special diagnostic techniques, which can signal the disease in its early stages. After taking a blood test for cancer-specific markers, by medical prescription of specialists, the patient is offered to undergo a differential diagnostics. In many cases, for a reliable diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct several studies, using different methods specifically attributed to this type of cancer.

Duration of outpatient examination is about 5 hours. The cost of the examination including the PET study is about EURO 3,500

All necessary tests and diagnostic procedures included in the “Onco Check-Up” program are carried out in the largest diagnostic center in Europe. At your service:

  • High-class doctors and qualified service personnel;
  • The most modern diagnostic equipment;
  • Application of advanced scientific achievements;
  • Magnificently developed medical infrastructure.

During your stay in a German clinic you will be accompanied by a professional medical interpreter. The patient receives the final results of examinations, including laboratory tests, MRI-images, as well as doctors’ conclusions by mail.

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