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Business Check Up

Munich Medical’s offer for corporate clients:

Munich is not only the largest German business center, the city and its surroundings are home to Europe’s leading medical institutions and clinics known throughout Europe

For corporate clients “Munich Medical Service” company is ready to offer a convenient combination of a business trip with unique health diagnostics programs in the largest diagnostic center of Europe, located in Munich.

Depending on the wishes and preferences of the patient there is an opportunity to undergo the program of modern diagnostics Express Check-Up, diagnostics of cancer risk Onco Check-Up, complex diagnostics of the whole body under the program of preventive body examination Basis Check-Up, express diagnostics of stress Endo Stress Check-Up, urological diagnostics Uro Check-Up, gynecological diagnostics Gyn Check-Up, as well as dental diagnostics.

For groups of more than four people, all of the above diagnostic programs can be arranged even on Saturdays

All of our clinics are certified according to DIN ISO 9001. Special emphasis is placed on hygiene, standardization of work processes, communication both in the practice and with referring physicians, documentation of examinations and further training of both physicians and nursing staff.

The Business Check-Up extended general body examination program includes:

  • Initial presentation, history taking. Detailed conversation with a highly qualified specialist
  • clinical examination, height and weight measurement, blood pressure control
  • differential blood count, which includes biochemical assay, metabolic studies, testing for tumor markers
  • common urine test
  • Nuclear Matrix Protein test (bladder cancer detection) - NMP 22
  • ScheBo M2-Pyruvatkinase test (bowel cancer detection)
  • test for Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that causes various GI diseases.
  • electrocardiography
  • bicycle ergometry, an electrocardiographic examination during exercise
  • echocardiography, which is an ultrasound test of heart health
  • pulse oximetry - determining the degree of blood oxygen saturation by spectrofluorimetric method
  • pulmonary function testing
  • dermatological examination - analysis of birthmarks on the human body on whether they can cause tumor growth
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, carotid arteries, liver, spleen, kidneys, prostate gland in men, pancreas
  • whole-body magnetic resonance imaging
  • magnetic resonance angiography of blood vessels
  • cardiovascular disease risk prediction
  • final conversation with the doctor, discussion of the examination results

Duration of outpatient examination is about 4 hours. The cost of the examination is about EURO 2,500

All necessary tests and diagnostic procedures included in the “Business Check-Up” program are carried out in the largest diagnostic center in Europe. At your service:

  • High-class doctors and qualified service personnel;
  • The most modern diagnostic equipment;
  • Application of advanced scientific achievements;
  • Magnificently developed medical infrastructure.

During your stay in a German clinic you will be accompanied by a professional medical interpreter. The patient receives the final results of examinations, including laboratory tests, MRI-images, as well as doctors’ conclusions by mail.

More details about the individual examination programs offered by Munich Medical can be found here. Of course, we will prepare an individual program for you, taking into account your requirements and wishes.

Please note that the Check-Up diagnostic programs we offer are primarily aimed at people who are pressed for time and therefore allow you to combine a short-term vacation with a clinical examination


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